Founded in 2004 and with offices in Cambridge, UK, and San Mateo, CA, Light Blue Optics (LBO) is a developer of collaboration solutions and tools for corporate meeting rooms, and the training and education markets. In December 2016, LBO announced and started shipping its newest product – Kaptivo, a camera unit that mounts above a standard whiteboard, capture the content on the whiteboard, and makes that content available to remote users.

LBO’s mission is to make collaboration easier, better and more fun. Central to everything that they do is the principle that a great user experience comes from allowing people to work naturally, with technology working seamlessly in the background to enable greater productivity. As a company, their belief in collaboration is embodied through their partnerships with a wide ecosystem of industry leaders.



Kaptivo Lets dry-erase whiteboards be seen beyond the meeting room, easily integrating with any whiteboard already on the wall and any screenshare-enabled video conference system. Kaptivo automatically captures every whiteboard image in vibrant color without people or hands in the way. Integrated digital image processing improves legibility and crispness for easier reading.