Unleash creativity with Adobe’s Firefly Gen AI!

Last updated: 31st January 2024
In this blog, we look at Adobe’s Firefly Generative AI, which of its features are available to use today, take a sneak peek at potential future functionality, as well as explain how you can start using this cutting-edge AI technology right now!
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Adobe Express: Injecting Creativity into Non-Creative HE/FE Departments

Last updated: 22nd November 2023
In the world of education, creativity isn't confined to art and design classes alone. While creative courses still demand the full suite of Adobe creative apps such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro, non-creative education departments can also benefit immensely from the power of visual communication and engaging content.
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Do it all with Adobe Substance 3D

Last updated: 31st August 2023
Adobe Substance 3D is a collection of integrated apps that allows you to model, texture, stage and publish your own 3D content. It’s a powerful set of tools that gives you complete creative control at every stage.
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Selecting the Appropriate Adobe Licensing Options for You

Last updated: 28th August 2023
Adobe’s two main licensing options are Named User Licenses (NULs) and Shared Device Licenses (SDLs). Determining whether to license your users or your devices is dependent on the desired access and flexibility you wish to offer your students and staff.
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What’s New May 2023

Last updated: 5th June 2023
May’s What’s New includes our Microsoft Campus Updates webinar with Veeam, our sponsorship & sessions at the National Eisteddfod, Adobe’s AI releases & Pugh’s new Firefly & Substance 3D blogs, new SMART QX Pro & TeamWorks 5, Microsoft Teams & Copilot updates & more!
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Adobe’s Oscar-winning Substance 3D design tool!

Last updated: 2nd June 2023
In this blog, we introduce you to Adobe’s award-winning Substance 3D and explain its benefits within education. We also explore specific use cases within Product Design, Fashion, Architecture and Games Development HE/FE courses.
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