What’s New May 2023

Last updated: 5th June 2023
May’s What’s New includes our Microsoft Campus Updates webinar with Veeam, our sponsorship & sessions at the National Eisteddfod, Adobe’s AI releases & Pugh’s new Firefly & Substance 3D blogs, new SMART QX Pro & TeamWorks 5, Microsoft Teams & Copilot updates & more!
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Adobe’s Oscar-winning Substance 3D design tool!

Last updated: 2nd June 2023
In this blog, we introduce you to Adobe’s award-winning Substance 3D and explain its benefits within education. We also explore specific use cases within Product Design, Fashion, Architecture and Games Development HE/FE courses.
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What’s New April 2023

Last updated: 25th April 2023
April’s What’s New is packed full of exciting content, including our May Campus Updates webinar focused on Microsoft Copilot AI, Intune P2, Teams Rooms & Defender. Plus, Adobe share their exciting roadmap for Firefly AI video & more!
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What’s New March 2023

Last updated: 27th March 2023
This month’s What’s New is packed full of exciting AI developments with Microsoft Copilot, their secure integration of ChatGPT throughout M365, and Adobe Firefly, their innovative generative AI for creators! Plus, brand new Teams 2.0 & more!
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What’s New February 2023

Last updated: 28th February 2023
February’s exciting updates include Pugh's upcoming Microsoft Campus webinar with Sophos MDR and details of Pugh & SMART at Bett! Microsoft bring the power of AI to Teams & Microsoft EDU, as well as releasing the new Intune Suite, Defender add-on & AI-powered inclusive Learning Accelerators! Plus, see the next generation of creative exploration with new SketchUp 2023, Jabra’s new next-gen Speak2, Sophos’ new XGS Series firewalls, two brand-new Veeam releases & a more productive, more powerful CorelDRAW!
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