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Adobe Stock is a service that provides end users with access to over 60 million royalty-free commercial photos, videos, illustrations, graphics, 3D assets and templates.  Stock benefits from the availability of the Reuters news agency’s library of photos and videos covering news, sports and entertainment events, with thousands of images added every day and over twelve million images in the archive.


Stock differs from most stock image services through the tight integration it offers with Creative Cloud applications such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe InDesign CC and more: placement images are made available in CC Libraries, and can be dropped directly into a document. Images can also be licensed directly from the CC application, and the high-res version of the data replaces the watermarked image, eliminating the need to re-apply non-destructive adjustments and modifications made in Photoshop, resulting in significant productivity gains.


Adobe stock images can be purchased at a discounted rate by educational establishments in the following size packs:

  • Small – 10 images per month (images can be carried over)
  • Medium – 40 images per month
  • Large – 750 images per month



For more information on Adobe Stock, visit the official site here: Adobe Stock

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