SMART is changing the world by changing the way knowledge can be shared. SMART software and hardware solutions empower everyone – from primary school students to innovators in Fortune 500 companies – to come together to explore and expand on ideas, bringing them to life without geographical or technological limitations.



SMART Board® for Education

HyPr Touch with Advanced IR

SMART Board® MX Meet the user and budget friendly solution to elevating your outcomes. The SMART Board MX series has all the interactive tools educators need at a great value. Designed and built to last, the MX series is available in 65", 75" and 86" sizes making it a flexible and affordable alternative to classroom projectors.

HyPr Touch with InGlass

SMART Board 6000S® series Meet the next evolution in helping teachers maximize student outcomes. The SMART Board 6000S series has exclusive interactive and sensor technology to bridge physical and digital learning and optimize the classroom environment. Available in 65", 75" and 86" sizes – all with industry-leading touch and ink technology – the 6000S series provides unmatched interactivity and ease of use.

Education Software

SMART Learning Suite Transform static content into interactive lessons with SMART Learning Suite. Lesson delivery, formative assessment, collaborative workspaces and game-based activities combined into one ultimate education software suite. The suite includes both a desktop and online experience.

SMART Board® Pro for Business

SMART Board® MX Pro series Meet the user and budget friendly solution to boosting team productivity. The SMART Board MX Pro series has all the interactive tools teams need to collaborate at a great value. Designed and built to last, the MX series is available in 65", 75" and 86" sizes, designed and built to provide ROI for years to come.
SMART Board® 6000 Pro series Businesses achieve more when meetings are productive, and remote colleagues are able to collaborate as well as teams in the same room. The new SMART Board 6000 Pro series with iQ reduces meeting time by looping in more minds, insights and perspectives at once. It’s a catalyst for innovation in the connected age.
SMART Board® 7000R Pro series With next generation writing precision, intuitive tools and quick connectivity, the 7000R Pro series helps your teams collaborate – whether they’re tech newbies or ninjas. Available in 75" and 86" sizes, the 7000R Pro series comes with collaboration software and is backed by comprehensive warranty and service plans to ensure you get ROI for years to come.

Business Software

SMART TeamWorks™ Empowering your team to contribute – no matter where they are – makes for more effective meetings, boosting productivity. Get everyone on the same page with SMART TeamWorks™ visual collaboration software. Participate from any device and launch web-based conferencing with a single touch at the display.

SMART Board® Computing Modules

SMART ChromeboxAccess the Google Play Store and your apps at the display – without the need for a Chromebook. Easily interact with content including ink and touch powered by Object awareness™ detection – only with SMART Board displays.
SMART Windows 10 PROAccess Microsoft Office® files and all your applications on a full Windows 10 Pro computer right at the display for true walk up and use simplicity. No more cables, dropped computer connections or missing drivers. Quickly switch from embedded iQ Android™ to Windows experience