SMART Technologies


SMART is changing the world by changing the way knowledge can be shared. SMART software and hardware solutions empower everyone – from primary school students to innovators in Fortune 500 companies – to come together to explore and expand on ideas, bringing them to life without geographical or technological limitations.



SMART Learning Suite

Notebook – combines Notebook with assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software, to create enriching learning experiences

Lab – gives teachers the means to quickly build game-based activities that amaze and engage students on their devices or front-of-room display

Response – create quick and effective formative assessment in a few minutes. You’ll get immediate feedback on student understanding without breaking the flow of your lesson

Amp – brings the whole class, groups of students or individuals together in a shared space to work on projects, add multimedia content and instant message


SMART Boards for Education

7000 series – The most advanced SMART Board, it includes exclusive iQ technology, unrivalled collaborative features and ease of use, and is designed for any teaching or learning style

6000 series – The most popular SMART Board, now includes exclusive iQ technology and the same innovative features that millions already love

4000 series – A foundational interactive display with collaborative features that make learning fun and engaging

2000 series – A non-touch display with built-in screen sharing that allows lesson content to be shared from laptops, tablets or any other student device