SMART is changing the world by changing the way knowledge can be shared. SMART software and hardware solutions empower everyone – from primary school students to innovators in Fortune 500 companies – to come together to explore and expand on ideas, bringing them to life without geographical or technological limitations.



SMART Learning Suite The ultimate education software suite combines lesson delivery, activities, assessments and collaborative workspaces. Suite includes both desktop and online experiences

SMART Boards

SMART Board 7000 series The most advanced SMART Board, it includes exclusive iQ technology, unrivalled collaborative features and ease of use, and is designed for any teaching or learning style
SMART Board 6000 series The most popular SMART Board, now includes exclusive iQ technology and the same innovative features that millions already love
SMART Board 4000 series A foundational interactive display with collaborative features that make learning fun and engaging
SMART Board 2000 series A non-touch display with built-in screen sharing that allows lesson content to be shared from laptops, tablets or any other student device