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Last updated: 1st August 2020

Author: Mark Price

As we continue to follow Pugh’s story, this month we introduce you to their marketing team and gain insights into the crucial part that they play in bringing Pugh’s customers the latest product news and educating them on the effective use of technology solutions and services. We also discover that the key to Pugh’s marketing success is their drive to extend their marketing reach, gaining customer insights and delivering the right messages based on where customers are in the sales cycle.

Pugh’s marketing team has a very energetic and vibrant feel to it, headed up by two young professionals who are eager to succeed. Chris and Jamie are both very much in tune with modern technology and when combined with the core marketing models and concepts that both have studied, they have managed to consistently deliver impressive campaigns.

At Pugh, marketing is much more than just being creative. Their marketing team’s keen interest in technology is built with continuous training and professional development to provide them with a fundamental understanding of the technology solutions that Pugh offer. In fact, this applies to all of Pugh’s departments, with the sales, marketing and technical teams all able to comfortably work together with a shared knowledge base. In turn, this allows Pugh to truly understand their customers’ problems and align them to solutions that are tailored to their precise needs.

We are all aware of the recent and substantial increase in home working and during this time, the fast forward button has been hit for the technology industry. With work environments changing overnight, Pugh’s modern workplace setup has allowed their team to stay connected when working remotely. Jamie and Chris have been able to continue their monthly sizzle meetings with the rest of the team virtually to keep everybody up to date with new technologies, latest customer needs, potential opportunities, current campaigns and business focus, with a particular highlight on storytelling to fully engage with customers.

When bringing Chris and Jamie onboard, Pugh were continuing their successful tradition of recruiting locally and offering aspiring professionals a quality career opportunity. Pugh actively encourage their staff to develop themselves both personally and professionally, with Jamie and Chris also benefitting greatly from the influence and leadership of Managing Director Jeffrey Pugh.

By employing trusted marketing models and embracing modern tools and methods, Pugh have developed a strong brand identity and a marketing strategy that ensures their customers are always kept aware of how they can solve their unique problems with the most relevant and innovative technology solutions.



Chris Jones

Marketing Manager

Education – Plascrug Primary School, Penglais Secondary School

Joined Pugh – September 2015

Responsibilities – Coordinating an integrated approach to sales and marketing, account-based marketing, development of business creativity

Professional development at Pugh – ISMM Level 3 Certificate in Sales and Marketing, CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing

I have been at Pugh for almost five years now and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Despite my relatively young age, I feel fully respected by the team, making it a great environment to work in. I work particularly closely with the sales team and their constant encouragement and positive feedback drives me on to achieve more and to continuously better myself in my role.


Jamie Owen

Business Development Manager

Education – Llanrhystud Primary School, Aberaeron Secondary School, Penglais Sixth Form, graduated from Loughborough University in Sport Management

Joined Pugh – June 2017

Responsibilities – Business development, taking new products to market, extending marketing reach, developing partner relationships at an executive level

Professional development at Pugh – CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing

I am now into my fourth year at Pugh and within that time, I have developed significantly both personally and professionally. I take every opportunity that I get to attend courses and events to discover new products and the latest trends. I also enjoy meeting and networking with partners and senior executives to develop those all-important long-standing.



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