New Adobe Creative Cloud Dashboard

Adobe is redesigning Creative Cloud’s desktop app as a hub for tools and assets

Last updated: 29th October 2019

The new Adobe desktop experience features tutorials for all apps in one hub. It keeps the same looks as the Creative Cloud website, but now in a desktop app form.



The app offers a full-screen experience. It provides a one-stop-shop for everything Creative Cloud, so users can access it whenever they need to update apps, or find assets like brushes, fonts, and stock images. Creative Cloud Libraries let users access assets from anywhere (an important feature as Adobe continues releasing iPad and Android apps like Fresco) and share those libraries with teammates.


There are four main components to the new desktop app:

Manage and update your apps

Adobe has redesigned the apps tabs for a clearer view of which apps you have installed and which have updates. You can still choose to download a legacy version of an application if available.

Creative Cloud Library management

Once available only within individual Adobe apps, Creative Cloud Libraries can now be managed full-screen right in the launcher. Assets can be shared, managed, and deleted in a new “Your work” section of the app. The functionality of Libraries remains the same.

Access to tutorials

The Creative Cloud app’s former “Learn” tab has been replaced by skill categories and a Tutorials hub. You’ll be able to access help resources, videos, and compatibility information for each app.

Asset and font search

Like before, the new Creative Cloud app gives you access to Adobe Fonts and assets from Adobe Stock. What’s new is a powerful built-in search engine that searches across Creative Cloud.


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