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As universities focus on delivering increasingly higher levels of student experience, teaching quality and research excellence and with two thirds of people thinking visually, it makes all the more sense to mind mapping as a tool which plays to people’s thinking styles.


Developed by leaders in the field, MindManager, Mindjet intuitive productivity and mind mapping software is already helping millions of people around the world, including university staff and students to benefit daily from the power of mind-mapping software to capture and their thinking visually, enhance collaborative learning and teaching, and develop and monitor plans of all kinds.


Key Benefits

  • More effective student learning
    Better note taking, study outcomes and digital skills. Accelerated revision and research presentation aid.
  • Quicker organisation and facilitation for teachers
    Plan your course and teaching quickly and easily and link all your materials all in one place. Engage and capture key learning element live in-class for later review and learning consolidation.
  • Rapid planning for administrators
    Quickly and intuitively record, organise, communicate and implement ideas and information using different tools, such as mind maps, flow diagrams and concept maps.
  • Easy team planning and task assignment
    Identify resources, and add assignments & priorities to gain alignment on how to execute. Integrated Gantt charts let you quickly identify conflicts and dependencies.
  • Clearer decision making
    Visual approach promotes understanding and accelerates decision making by clearly showing the most important information.
  • Integrates with other software
    Integrates with Microsoft Office applications including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and also Microsoft Project.
  • Available in Windows and Mac versions.



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