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Reduce your largest security risk with Sophos Phish Threat

Last updated: 10th July 2017

Whilst recent high profile security attacks have been more sophisticated than the norm, it is still the case that email is the most problematic and frequent source of infection.  With more than 90% of ransomware attacks delivered in this way, it is clear that staff who are often tricked into opening and clicking the links held within these emails are your biggest security risk.  So wouldn’t it be great if the first instinct of each user was to think twice – even for just a moment – before clicking on links, downloading attachments or running software that arrived via email?  Think of how many threats could be neutralized before they even have a chance to make their way on to corporate networks.

Keep your information safe with user awareness testing and training

Sophos Phish Threat educates your end users by emulating basic and advanced phishing attacks to help you identify areas of weakness in your organization’s security set up. Simulate phishing, credential harvesting, or malware attacks in a few clicks. Set up takes minutes, with constantly updated and socially relevant training modules. Campaigns can be distributed broadly or targeted at specific roles or departments in your organization such as HR and Finance.

Effective training modules

Training modules are designed to educate about specific threats such as suspicious emails, credential harvesting, password strength, and regulatory compliance. With over 200 real world attack simulations to choose from, your end users will find them informative and engaging, while you’ll enjoy peace of mind when it comes to preventing future real-world attacks.

Comprehensive reporting

The Phish Threat dashboard reports on results by company, department, and individual users, providing your entire IT organization with insight into individual and company-wide performance. Target those non-tech savvy employees that continually get caught on the phishing hook during a simulation.  The more they get caught, the less likely they are to forget the lesson!

For more details on how Sophos Phish Threat can improve end user awareness and significantly enhance your establishment’s security call 01974 200 201 or email

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