Is your database server secure?

Last updated: 14th April 2016


On 12 April 2016 extended support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 ended.


What does this mean for you?

Although SQL Server 2005 will continue to run, Microsoft will no longer be writing updates, patches or hotfixes so the security of your database could become compromised, with any new vulnerabilities being exploited. This puts your data potentially at risk from hackers.


So what can you do?

If you upgrade to Microsoft’s latest version of their SQL database, not only will this ensure you receive support against the latest security vulnerabilities but you will also experience better functionality and performance as well.


What are my upgrade options?

You have several options as to how or where you want to upgrade your SQL databases:

  1. An “in place” upgrade, on top of your existing database is your simplest solution but can result in significant downtime during an upgrade.
  2. Alternatively, a “side-by-side” upgrade on the same or similar hardware to your existing database gives you the same benefits with a reduced downtime.
  3. Finally, you could start afresh with a brand new install. For maximum gains your best option would be to consider:


a. New physical server
b. New Virtual Machine (VM)
c. New VM in Azure
d. Azure SQL server service


For further information on your upgrade options please visit:


If you need help with upgrading or want to discuss licencing and implementation we are here to answer your queries – just call us on 01974 200 204


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