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Last updated: 31st August 2023

What is Adobe Substance 3D?

If you want to get into 3D design or even become a future star featured in the next Trends Report, then Adobe Substance 3D can be your perfect partner.

Adobe Substance 3D is a collection of integrated apps that allows you to model, texture, stage and publish your own 3D content. It’s a powerful set of tools that gives you complete creative control at every stage.

The Substance 3D suite consists of the Modeler, Sampler, Designer, Painter and Stager apps. You also have your 3D materials, models and lights which are available as an Asset Pack. The perfect combination to make your digital dreams a reality and get creating!

Why use Substance 3D within Higher & Further Education?

What better way to prepare Higher and Further Education students for their future careers than to provide access to award-winning tools used by top professionals in their industry? Developing skills and experience in using Adobe Substance 3D allows students to immediately transfer these skills from an academic setting to their new and exciting careers.

Are you a fashion student, or are you perhaps the department teacher/lecturer? If so, let’s explore how the fashion industry can leverage Adobe Substance 3D, using Hugo Boss as a case study to learn how they’re deeply transforming their design workflow and product marketing thanks to the Substance 3D toolset.

Substance 3D in action – Hugo Boss industry case study

Sebastian Berg: Vice President for Business Operations Excellence Hugo Boss.

“As a fashion company, you really want to have superior product experience. And in that 3D can help a lot.

So even starting at the very beginning, in the design phase, the iterations the designer can do, the creativity he or she can bring to the table is so much bigger than working in the traditional, physical prototyping loop that takes much longer and that doesn’t really enable you to be creative on the spot.”

“For us, Adobe and the Substance 3D products have been helpful in raising the quality level. And as a premium fashion brand, we need a photorealistic result of our 3D styles that we feel confident to also showcase towards our end consumers.

Substance 3D improved our material quality and has enabled us to work on things such as embroideries and embossed logos, and really the fine details of a fashion style. We are now able to replicate them perfectly well in a 3D environment. And this has helped us in the wider sense of 3D adoption, and our digital transformation journey.”

To learn more about the consumer-facing experiences, read more on Hugo Boss here:

Hugo Boss improves design times by 85% with 3D – Adobe

Start using Adobe Substance 3D today!

As a HE/FE institution, you may already have free access to the Substance 3D apps based on your existing licenses. To discuss this or to purchase the Substance 3D Asset Pack, please get in touch with our friendly Adobe HE/FE specialist Eldi Berkshire today on 01974 200 212 /

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All images: Credit – Adobe

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