Wacom serves a broad range of creative customers within education, charities and financial services as well as leading IT partners with innovative user interface technologies and solutions across the world from film and animation, auto-design and manga. Supporting customers with pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface technologies, Wacom brings people and technology closer together through natural, intuitive interface solutions.




MobileStudio - Pen Computers

Wacom MobileStudio Pro Designed to give users the freedom to create anywhere. Wacom MobileStudio Pro packs a whole studio of creative tools into a lightweight mobile pen computer featuring the new Wacom Pro Pen 2. Move seamlessly through your workflow from 2D to 3D wherever you want to create

Cintiq - Pen Displays

Wacom Cintiq ProTailored for professional artists and designers who demand an intuitive, pen-on-screen connection to their work. Working on both Mac or PC, Wacom Cintiq Pro featuring Wacom Pro Pen 2 is our most advanced creative pen display ever
Wacom Cintiq 27QHDThis creative pen & touch display sets a new standard in colour and resolution. It offers true-to-life colour on a high-resolution display giving you unparalleled clarity and colour sensitivity in creative areas like image editing, 2D/3D animation, Game Development, Print and Pre-Press Proofing, and Graphic Design. Including pen
Wacom Cintiq 22HD The multi-touch gesture supports one of Wacom’s most versatile creative pen displays. Enjoy the precise, intuitive control of on-screen creation with Wacom’s pressure-sensitive pen while using multi-touch gestures to position and navigate your work. Including pen
Wacom Cintiq 13HD Gain all the innovations of our professional pen tablets, now with the ability to work directly on the screen with great color and resolution, professional ergonomics, and pressure-sensitive control are all together in an affordable design. Including pen

Intuos - Pen Displays

Wacom Intuos Pro Combining high-tech pen capabilities with intuitive multi-touch gestures it delivers the finest in precision and control of traditional brushes, pens and markers with professional software. Available in three sizes, it delivers a natural, intuitive experience that extends your creative capabilities. Including pen
Wacom Intuos Combine a pressure-sensitive pen and multi-touch capabilities in one smart device for a more expressive and intuitive way of working with your computer. Including pen

Bamboo - Smartpads

Wacom Bamboo Spark This smart folio comes with a smart ballpoint pen, and a spot for your favourite paper. It allows users to write by hand, and save handwritten notes locally or within the cloud for editing, archiving and accessing anywhere. Including pen
Wacom Bamboo SlateWrite naturally with pen on any paper, then store, shape and share notes and ideas in the cloud. Including pen
Wacom Bamboo FolioWrite on favourite paper and instantly digitize handwritten notes and sketches. If mobile device is not near, users can store up to 100 pages and sync later when reconnected. Including pen

Bamboo - Pens

Wacom Bamboo SoloEssential stylus for smoothly tapping, writing and drawing on all touchscreen devices
Wacom Bamboo DuoThe two-in-one Bamboo Duo, allows to smoothly write and draw on both touchscreen or paper on carbon fiber tip or on black ballpoint pen
Wacom Bamboo FinelineSpecifically designed for natural writing and note taking on iPad and iPhone
Wacom Bamboo SketchFine tip stylus for natural sketching and drawing on both an iPad and iPhone
Wacom Bamboo InkThe ergonomic triangular profile is designed for natural and authentic writing, coming with three different nib types to allow for a personalised on-screen feel