Sonocent are a fast growing bootstrapped start-up with a big vision – “Helping people harness the power of spoken language”. Sonocent have developed technology that enables students, teachers and professionals to effectively use audio recordings to enhance learning and productivity. Sonocent present a strong believe they can change the world with new ideas and in time, can fundamentally change the way that humans utilise spoken language in all areas of life.




Sonocent Audio NotetakerAvailable for Windows and Mac, it’s easy to capture full recordings of classes and meetings and to work with that audio. The software makes recordings of speech a real, tangible thing, by visualising audio as chunks, phrase-by-phrase which then enables you to quickly return to any part of the recording later
Sonocent for SchoolsSoftware offers a fresh and innovative approach to developing the core skills of primary and secondary pupils. Helps teachers and special needs experts deliver brilliant learning experiences that engage ALL their pupils, creating a more inclusive classroom, helping pupils overcome common barriers to writing and track and evidence progress quickly and reliably
Sonocent RecorderFrom meetings to interviews, you can capture everything with your smartphone or tablet. Use Sonocent Recorder app to take high-quality recordings, highlight key moments in colour, add images right alongside your audio and transfer your file to Sonocent Audio Notetaker