Quark Software was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1981 with the mission to reinvent how content creators and creative professionals bring their visions to life. Quark offers end-to-end content automation platform that enables the creation, management, publishing and delivery of content across print, Web and digital channels. Whether creating regulatory documentation, policies and procedures, investment research reports or interactive marketing communications, the world’s most recognised brands are modernising their content strategies and processes with Quark solutions.



QuarkXPressQuarkXPress 2018 provides new clarity with a vertical measurement palette especially for use on wide and high-resolution monitors. This powerful new floating palette provides access to all controls and attributes, is keyboard addressable and includes all previous shortcut keys
Quark Publishing Platform Today’s customers demand engaging, relevant communications when and where they want and on their device of choice. Quark Publishing Platform is an end-to-end solution for enterprise organisations that enables meeting these demands while also reducing time to market and lowering costs
Quark Author Quark Author is Web-based content creation software that, together with Quark Publishing Platform, enables business and IT leaders to streamline and automate high-value customer communications across every channel. The intuitive online authoring experience means subject matter experts – wherever they are – can rapidly create, preview, publish and reuse content
Quark XML Author Quark XML Author™ for Microsoft Word is the next generation of XML authoring tools. It is an add-in to Microsoft Word that lets anyone easily create XML in Word with no knowledge of XML and little or no training. Government organisations and businesses alike have embraced easy XML authoring through Quark XML Author because they can quickly get their writers productive
Quark Brand ManagerQuark Brand Manager is an unified content and brand platform that radically changes how global marketing teams create and publish content. By building reusable content components, content is freed from documents, enabling automatic assembly and updating of brand-compliant marketing collateral for every channel – including mobile. Unlock your content to drive superior customer experiences – everywhere
Quark App StudioExceed your business objectives with intuitive, customizable features designed to promote your brand, expand audiences and increase revenue. Using the software you already know and effortlessly translating existing feeds, App Studio allows you create and distribute apps with responsive and interactive content that your readers love to use
Quark DesignPadDesign on your iPad wherever you are with DesignPad, the iPad app that puts grid-based design control in the palm of your hand. Using an entirely new approach to design, you can quickly experiment with different layouts and create anything from a poster or postcard to a newsletter right on your iPad — then share it on Twitter, by email, print it or further develop it in QuarkXPress