Parallels Inc., a global leader in cross-platform solutions, makes it simple for customers to use and access the applications and files they need on any device or operating system. Parallels help businesses and individuals securely and productively use their favourite devices and preferred technology, whether it’s Windows®, Mac®, iOS, Android™, Chromebook, Windows Phone, Linux, Raspberry Pi or the Cloud. Parallels solutions enable seamless delivery of virtual desktops and applications to any device, running Windows on a Mac, Mac management with Microsoft SCCM, and remote access to PCs and Mac computers from any device.



Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) – a plug-in that makes SCCM 1610 a robust platform for managing Mac computers by leveraging existing business skills, processes, and systems

Parallels Desktop for Mac – a powerful solution for running Windows on Mac without rebooting

Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition – simple and powerful solution for delivering Windows and Windows applications to employees with Macs

Parallels Toolbox for Mac – Mac® & Windows® tools you’ve always wished you had at your fingertips—at the low price of a single app

Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) – for delivering applications and virtual desktops to any device and operating system

Parallels Access – access all your applications, files, and computers in one place, and use desktop applications as if they were designed for your mobile  device


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