Livescribe is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of smartpens, enabling customers to capture, search and share handwritten notes on the digital devices they use every day. Livescribe makes the only smartpens on the market that synchronize handwritten notes with recorded audio, making the ubiquitous pen more useful in today’s world





Livescribe Echo Allows you to record everything you write, hear or say, while linking your audio recordings to your notes and replay audio directly from paper by tapping on your notes. Echo connects easily to your laptop or desktop by USB cable to transfer your interactive notes, enabling you to search, organize, share and replay your notes with Echo Desktop
Livescribe 3 Turning your words into action, Livescribe 3 is designed to work and write like a premium ballpoint pen and uses Bluetooth Smart to send everything you write to your smartphone or tablet on iOS and Andriod devices. Paired with the Livescribe+ mobile app, notes become more useful when they are organized, tagged, searchable and converted to text