Dolphin Software

Dolphin Software is the only specialist software house developing solutions to suit all types of reading impairment – from low vision to blindness and dyslexia. Dolphins products enable people with varying levels of technology experience to do everyday things easily, on computers and tablets, and have fully integrated and portable software solutions to give users total freedom





Dolphin SuperNova Magnifier No matter what your eye condition, SuperNova Magnifier makes everything crystal clear and easy to read. Enlarge text and images to exactly the size you need. Enhance contrast with a colour scheme and highlights that perfectly suit you. Zoom in to see the detail and experience the best touchscreen magnification, or multi-task with magnification on two or more monitors
Dolphin SuperNova Magnifier & Speech Offers all the benefits of a screen magnifier but with added speech output to provide extra support for partially sighted computer users. SuperNova Magnifier & Speech can read documents, web pages, menus and button prompts and it can even talk while you type
Dolphin SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader Solution for organisations looking to deliver access for the full range of visual impairments from mild sight loss, through to blindness. Empower your clients to choose their perfect blend of magnifier, speech or screen reader to suit their eye condition, matching their unique sight requirements
Dolphin EasyConverter Empowers you to make reading materials and other information accessible to people with visual impairments and dyslexia. With EasyConverter you can quickly and easily create accessible Word docs, large print, MP3 audio, DAISY talking books and Braille