Andrea Communications

Andrea Communications is a leading developer and supplier of Headsets, Headphones, Microphones, USB Adapters, Wireless Products, and Accessories. The company serves a wide range of markets including Education, Speech Recognition, and Dictation, with an ever-expanding product line. The proprietary design of Andrea Communications noise-canceling microphones, along with the clear, crisp sound quality of its speakers, provides users with unbeatable clarity and performance. This exclusive microphone design has earned Andrea Communications the ‘6 Dragon’ rating from Nuance, the highest possible rating in the voice recognition industry



EDU Series Headsets and Headphones* 

255 Series On-Ear Headsets – offers unsurpassed speech and sound clarity which includes a convenient in-line volume control. It comes with exclusive noise-cancelling microphone with internal windscreens minimizing breath popping. The heavy duty rigid boom and swivel with adjustable headband ensures a comfortable fit

455 Series Over-Ear Headsets – designed for mobile devices, it offers unparalleled speech and sound clarity and includes a convenient in-line volume control. An adjustable dual headband ensures a comfortable fit and extra-thick leatherette ear cushions block out surrounding noise

175 On-Ear Headphones – deliver incredible sound at a value price with convenient in-line volume control are perfect for use in educational settings, as computer headphones. Plush leatherette ear cushions are easy to wipe clean and the adjustable headband ensures a comfortable fit even on smaller heads

BT-875 Wireless Bluetooth® Stereo Headphones –  wireless bluetooth headphones that you could use to listen to your music with or without your phone! With a built in boomless microphone, making calls is easier then ever! Easily switch between your music and phone calls with the push of a button

* Available with three fittings (Dual colour-coded plugs for PC use, Single 4-Pin TRRS plug for mobile use, USB plug with built-in USB sound card)


NC Series Headsets*

NC-181 Series On-Ear Headsets –  incorporates quality noise cancelling microphone technology thus enhancing real time collaboration audio by significantly reducing background noise. Rugged pro-flex wire microphone boom enables reliable microphone placement for improved PC audio communications and comfort

NC-185 Series On-Ear Headsets – offers quality noise cancellation microphone technology in a stereo headset form factor. The dual speaker design supports a rich real time collaboration audio experience even in high noise environments

*Available with Single 4-Pin TRRS plug for mobile use


WNC Series Headset

WNC-2100 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Mono Headset – designed for use with mobile phones, tablets, and computers, easily pairs to any Bluetooth-enabled device. The semi-rigid boom ensures perfect placement of the noise-cancelling microphone and rotates 360° for left of right side usage. A durable padded headband and plush leatherette ear cushion provides all-day comfort



SG-110M Mobile Unidirectional Shotgun Microphone – enhanced sensitivity for far-field sound reception. The 30-inch shielded cable has a right-angled 3.5mm TRRS plug for mobile devices with a shared audio port including laptops, tablets, and most smartphones. Lightweight and portable, the SG-110M is ideal for use in lecture halls, meeting rooms and courtrooms



EDU-USB Adapter – uses high quality digital circuitry to bypass the computer’s internal sound system, converting the analog signal to digital. The result is increased clarity and performance of both the stereo microphone input and the stereo speaker output for all digital audio applications including VoIP and speech recognition programs

C-200 Mobile Headset Computer Adapter – converts all headsets with a single shared audio plug (TRRS) into dual color-coded 3.5mm plugs for PC computer use