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Stop Ransomware in its tracks with Sophos Intercept X

Last updated: 15th March 2018

Intercept X latest version combines deep learning with best-in-class anti-exploit technology, CyptoGuard anti-ransomware, root cause analysis, and more to form the industry’s most comprehensive endpoint protection. This unique combination of features allows Intercept X to stop the widest range of endpoint threats.

Ransomware attacks that continue to hit organisations across the globe, and recent high profile victims such as the NHS prove that the problem is endemic and here to stay.  Only last week, it was revealed that one of the UK’s best known Universities was the victim of yet another attack.  However what these 2 recent attacks both have in common is that they did not require a user to spread the ransomware, worryingly they were both ‘zero-click required’ campaigns.  In the case of the University, that particular strain that could infect users who simply visited a compromised site.  This represents a whole new level of sophistication and makes the need for a specific anti-ransomware solution a necessity.

Step up Intercept X from Sophos.  Intercept X is the ultimate anti ransomware solution and is designed to stop malicious threats and exploits, including zero-day attacks and ransomware. Key capabilities include advanced detection and remediation of next-generation threats using signatureless exploit detection; an end-to-end, forensic view of an attack that doesn’t require a security expert to understand; and the ability to clean up both the malicious software and the effects of its activity.

There are four features in Sophos Intercept X that work together to provide next-generation endpoint protection:

  • Signatureless threat and exploit detection—is the anti-malware and anti-hacker defense feature designed to block zero-day, unknown, and memory-resident attacks and threat variants without the need for file scanning.
  • Anti Ransomware—Sophos CryptoGuard identifies and stops unauthorized encryption activity within a few files to block ransomware before it can lock and cripple systems, and rolls encrypted files back to their pre-attack state.
  • Sophos Clean—hunts for and removes any trace of spyware and deeply embedded, lingering malware. Designed for performance and efficiency, it can be silently installed across an entire organization and runs with minimal impact.
  • Root-cause analysis—provides an interactive visual guide through an attack event that shows where the attack gained entry, what was affected, where the attack stopped, and provides recommendations to prevent similar attacks in the future. This level of analysis can provide deep information and context to organizations, speeding incident response while potentially reducing the need for dedicated security analysts.

Intercept X is also unique in that whilst it works seamlessly with other Sophos products to protect your network, it also works with all competing 3rd party security vendors, therefore allowing you to add another line of defense to your network by utilising the anti-exploit, anti-ransomware and root cause analysis features regardless of which end point protection you use.

Whilst having a robust backup and disaster recovery policy in place is critical for the survival of your business, having to restore all of your data after a ransomware attack is a time consuming and stressful experience.  Intercept X takes that stress away and lets you focus on areas where IT can add value to your organisation’s bottom line.

For more information on Intercept X, including how to license it most effectively for price and compliance in your organisation, why not call us – we are here to help on 01974 200 201 or email

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