Create powerful and engaging video screencasts with Snagit and Camtasia.

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The advent of easy to create, highly engaging video has made it a valuable educational tool.  As tech savvy students become more demanding and the concept of flipped and blended learning becomes the norm, the ability to quickly create and publish lecture material online as a precursor to an active learning session is seen as a modern day necessity.


Digital video is revolutionizing the way students learn because it can help illustrate complex, or abstract concepts, take students anywhere around the world, go back in time, explore beneath the oceans, take a look into a cell, and travel to the moon and beyond!

If you need to create digital “how to” videos on certain class or lecture topics then Snagit, with its extended panoramic screen capture will help you to capture and create powerful graphics, animated gifs and teaching demonstrations by recording processes and commentary live on screen.

Using Snagit’s sister product Camtasia, you can edit, annotate and add other content to it to create compelling e-learning with built in interactive links and learner quizzes – all in the same app.

Camtasia also enables you to record a PowerPoint presentation, add narration, import camera and/or YouTube video, add music, images, and sound effects, and publish the presentation as an MP4 video to share with your students. The PowerPoint serves as the core for the video project. The end product is a dynamic and powerful blended eLearning tool – a PowerCast!


Our long-standing partnership with TechSmith, combined with our licensing expertise, means that we can help you find the right TechSmith products, whether Camtasia or Snagit to create compelling e-learning, in the most cost-effective way.  We can also provide additional resources to help you create top class e-learning quickly and effectively, and also offer a range of useful state of the art hardware to make sure that what you produce is of the right quality.


Snagit 13

Sometimes words aren’t just enough, so why not use images and videos to show people exactly what you’re seeing. The latest release of SnagIt gives you an easy way to quickly provide better feedback, create clear documentation and change the way you interact with students and colleagues..

Use it to:

  • Capture and edit images
  • Record a video of your screen
  • Save or send your screen captures
  • Add special effects



Camtasia 9

The perfect solution to easily create videos that motivate, inform and enhance the learning experience.  Camtasia screen recording software is smart, quick to learn and feature rich.

Use it to:

  • Create compelling video e-learning that works
  • Record “how to” materials for people to refer back to
  • Add quizzes to your videos to asses understanding and demonstrate learning
  • Let people learn material and consume content at their own pace
  • Enables replay of concepts to support learning
  • Ideal for supporting remote staff and learners



Andrea Communications SG-100 Unidirectional Shotgun Microphone


  • High quality and performance available in a low-priced, single element microphone. Perfect for adding commentary when you are using Camtasia to create video e-learning, it:
  • offers the perfect balance of microphone sensitivity and directional reception
  • is compact and lightweight so ideal for recording on the go
  • is used for high quality video conferencing and recording, even at a distance 


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