Microsoft StorSimple + Microsoft Azure

Storsimple + Microsoft

Reimagine hybrid cloud storage for the enterprise


Microsoft StorSimple + Azure is an unique approach to storage with true hybrid cloud storage capabilities. It addresses the problem of massive data growth, by empowering you to take advantage of economical cloud storage for your inactive data, while keeping your mission-critical data on-premises for the highest levels of performance. 



Tiering: As your data ages, automatically tier it and move it from solid-state disk to spinning hard drive to the cloud
Local volume: Ensure any primary data that you specify as local will stay on the physical StorSimple device
Cloud snapshot: Enable rapid movement of volume snapshots to the cloud to support integrated disaster, as well as dev/test and business analytics environments
Data deduplication: Deduplicate data inline to reduce your storage growth rate
Primary storage: Use StorSimple as primary storage for a range of workloads: collaboration, file sharing, databases, virtual machines.
Automated archive: Archive your cold data from on-premises to the cloud—automatically.



  • Manage massive data growth – Take advantage of cloud scale to effectively manage data growth with a hybrid storage solution built for the enterprise.
  • Simplify data protection and recovery – Eliminate complex, costly infrastructure and take advantage of on-demand infrastructure and storage that you can manage centrally in the Azure portal.
  • Save up to 60 percent – Reduce your storage costs by up to 60 percent by automatically tiering inactive or cold data to the cloud.
  • Improve business agility – Respond to ever-changing business needs quickly—no need to set up or maintain costly on-premises equipment for new projects.
  • Cost-effective backup: Take advantage of automated cloud snapshots and back up data based on software policies without costly backup infrastructures.
  • Reliable disaster recovery: Get integrated data protection and location-independent disaster recovery – recover to an off site location or directly in Azure and only recover the data your apps need.


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Sol-Tec a Pugh Preferred Implementation Partner, can help you get up and running quickly and get the best possible return on your Microsoft Azure StorSimple investment. Sol-Tec a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform, Hosting Solutions and Cloud Productivity, specialises in Small and Midmarket Solutions with a pedigree in Public Sector Government and Education. Sol-Tec have worked with almost every form of on-site, hybrid and cloud environment there is.



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