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As part of a IT network with layered protection it is possible for the firewall to experience a breach without an endpoint being notified, or for an endpoint to be compromised without the firewall being made aware. Sophos XG Firewall UTM overcomes this “communication breakdown” with Security Heartbeat technology that lets the firewall and endpoints “talk” to each other for greater co-ordinator protection.


As a Sophos Gold Partner we can advise you on the latest developments in Firewall XG UTM, how it protects your network, how that protection can be extended and the most economical way to license it. Additional services are also available, with a Sophos expert, to helping you find the right security solution and maximise the potential from your investment.


Sophos Firewall XG UTM

Next-generation baseline firewall and network protection – available as a Unified Threat Management (UTM) hardware appliance, virtual machine or software – delivers enterprise-level performance, security and control. Firewall XG includes new “Security Heartbeat” technology that enables communication between the firewall and endpoint – making your security setup even stronger.


Key Features

  • Network Protection
    All the protection you need to stop sophisticated attacks and advanced threats while providing secure network access to those you trust
  • Wireless Protection
    Set up, manage and secure wireless networks in just minutes with the UTM’s built-in wireless controller that works with the full range of wireless access points
  • Web Protection
    Comprehensive protection from the latest web threats and powerful policy tools ensures your users are secure and productive online
  • Endpoint Protection
    Extend protection to your Windows desktops and laptops with anti-virus, device, and web control all managed from your UTM
  • Email Protection
    Full SMTP and POP message protection from spam, phishing and data loss with the unique all-in-one protection that combines policy-based email encryption with DLP and anti-spam
  • Web Server Protection
    Harden your web servers and Microsoft Enterprise Applications against hacking attempts while providing secure access to external users with reverse proxy authentication


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Wi-Fi Access Points and RED

Adding on Sophos Wireless Access Points and Sophos Remote Ethernet Devices (RED) to Firewall XG UTM both extends and enhances your IT environment while maintaining the same level of protection and centralised control. Sophos UTM Manager and Sophos iView add-ons also available.


What Pugh Can Do For You

Alongside licensing advice on Firewall XG UTM and ensuring you are fully compliant in the most cost-effective way, we can also provide additional services with a Sophos expert including consultancy, onsite visits, security assessments and more.


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