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Sophos Endpoint


As viruses and malware continue to evolve into more sophisticated cyber attacks that target multiple points of entry, it is critical that IT networks protect their users and secure their data across multiple endpoints. Sophos provides advanced detection and protection against the cyber attacks of today and tomorrow as part of a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use Endpoint Protection solution.


As a Sophos Gold Partner we provide knowledge, guidance and licensing advice on a range of Sophos Security products and solutions, including Endpoint Protection. With a Sophos expert, we can help review, setup, deploy and perfect your Sophos security solution through a range of services.


Sophos Endpoint Protection

Provides a lot more than signature-based prevention of known malware. With real-time threat intelligence from SophosLabs it correlates suspicious behaviour and activities together to give even greater protection.


Choose from on premise or cloud-based versions of Endpoint Protection:

  • Sophos Endpoint Protection
    Sophisticated, yet simple-to-use, on premise antivirus protection with advanced threat protection, email filtering, web filtering, policy enforcement and more.
  • Sophos Cloud Endpoint Protection
    Sophisticated, web-based antivirus with a unified console to control policies and follow and protect mobile users across devices and platforms. Cloud Endpoint Protection also includes new “Security Heartbeat” technology that when combined with XG Firewall UTM delivers next-generation, synchronised security.


Key Benefits

  • Innovative Protection
    Fewer infected computers and better protection against targeted attacks and data breaches
  • 24/7 Detection
    SophosLabs analysts monitor and fine tune detection rules all day, everyday
  • Complete Control
    Enforce web, application, device and data policies with ease in the endpoint agent and the management console
  • Lightening Performance
    Lightweight agents keeps users secure without slowing them down, keeping them productive
  • Sophisticated Simplicity
    Like your favourite smartphone or web application, functionality is also coupled with a simple, intuitive user experience


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What Pugh Can Do For You

We will help you find the right Sophos solution to fulfil your cyber security requirements, with accurate value-based licensing advice and, depending on your requirements, we can also provide additional remote or on premise services to review your existing IT security, highlight potential enhancements and ensure these are fulfilled as part of a Sophos solution, with a Sophos expert.


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