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As the amount of data that organisations have to process and manage continues to increase so do the risks of data leakage, loss or theft from sophisticated cyber attacks or human error. In light on these risks to personal or sensitive data, recent EU Data Protection Regulation requires organisations to adopt even greater security and data protection measures.


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As a Sophos Gold Partner, with understanding of Safeguard Encryption technology and expert knowledge of Sophos licensing we can help you find the right data protection solution for you needs, ensuring your are fully, cost-effectively licensed in the process.


Safeguard Encryption

Complete data protection across multiple devices and platforms, securing your data without slowing you down.


Key Features


  • Protect your data with proven full-disk encryption technology
  • Easily deploy and manage encryption within your endpoint console
  • Setup policies to encrypt email containing sensitive data before it leaves your organisation


Data Control

  • Prevent accidental loss of sensitive data with integrated DLP in the endpoint and email gateway
  • Stop data leaking through removable storage devices, browsers, email and instant messaging
  • Utilise hundreds of pre-packaged data definitions to set up effective policies out of the box


Mobile Device Management

  • Enable secure access to corporate email and data from smartphones and tablets
  • Control policy on iOS, Android and Windows devices
  • Prevent data loss on mobile devices with policies for auto locking and strong passcodes


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What Pugh Can Do For You

As a Sophos Gold Partner we provide advise on Safeguard Encryption, how it can protect your data and how you can be fully licensed in the most cost-effective way. With a Sophos expert, we can also provide additional services to ensure that not only your data is encrypted but that your whole IT environment is protected as part of a Sophos security solution.


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