Extend Microsoft SCCM to manage Mac like you manage Windows PCs


For schools, charities and all business’s that already use Microsoft® SCCM for managing PCs, Parallels Mac Management allows IT to maximize investments and enables administrators to leverage existing processes by using SCCM as the single pane of glass to manage both PCs and Mac® computers.



Asset Inventory

  • Gather hardware and software inventory of your Mac computers.
  • Leverage native Microsoft SCCM reports for details on Mac computers.
  • Report information about user logons.


Enforce compliance via our extended SCCM configuration items:

  • Mac OS X configuration profiles and shell scripts
  • Administer FileVault® 2 full-disk encryption to secure corporate data.
  • Gain visibility into patch compliance with flexible, real-time monitoring and reporting via SCCM reporting dashboard.


Software and macOS Image Deployment

  • Support for deployment of a wide range of software packages: .dmg, .pkg, .iso, .app, scripts, and stand-alone files
  • Support for package and application deployment models
  • Self-service application portal
  • Support for silent deployment and deployment with user interaction
  • Deploy macOSTM images to Mac via SCCM.
  • Customize macOS deployments with support for SCCM task sequence steps.



  • Automated macOS patch management: Provides automated OS X patch management via SCCM to thousands of Mac computers.
  • FileVault 2: Secure your corporate data by enforcing FileVault 2 full-disk encryption.



DEP Enrollment & Management

  • Enroll and manage Mac computers via the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP): Support for Apple DEP and unique integration with SCCM enables the IT admin to seamlessly set up and provision new Mac computers for employees.


Mac Admin Tools

  • Parallels Mac Client push installation: Allows the admin to initiate installation or reinstallation of the Parallels Mac Client to a single Mac or group of Mac computers.
  • Collect inventory on request: IT admins can collect hardware and software inventory on request on selected Mac computers.
    Execute script: Allows the admin to send commands—for example, reboot Mac—or script to selected Mac computers.


macOS OSD Task Sequencing

  • Run shell script: Allows the admin to execute a shell script as part of OSD task sequence execution.
  • Deploy mobileconfig: Allows the admin to apply an OS X® configuration profile as part of OSD task sequence execution.




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