Condusiv Diskeeper with DRAM Caching


Eliminates the death by a thousand cuts


Everyone knows the frustration of a Windows system becoming progressively slower the longer it is used and burdened with more software and data. Instead of “defragging,” Diskeeper patented engine ensures large, clean contiguous writes from Windows so fragmentation is no longer an issue for HDDs or SSDs.. 



IntelliWrite® write I/O optimization technology: prevents files from being fractured and broken apart into pieces, with each piece requiring its own I/O operation before being written to disk or SSD in a non-sequential manner.

IntelliMemory® read I/O optimization technology: intelligently caches active data from read requests using idle memory.

InvisiTasking® intelligent monitoring technology: allows all “background” operations within the system to run with near-zero resource impact on current activities.

Instant Defrag™ technology: has been enhanced to monitor volumes to resolve critically fragmented files in real-time that are known to cause performance problems, making it SAN-friendly. This feature is turned off in the event of solid-state drives.

Enhanced Reporting: shows how many fragments are eliminated, what that means to percentage of write input/output operations that have been reduced and how much I/O time has been saved on the system as a result.

Efficient Mode: in addition to an extensive defrag mode, Efficient Mode offers the greatest net gain in system I/O resource savings ever available.

Free Space Consolidation Engine: swiftly consolidates free space and tightly integrates with Instant Defrag to handle new fragmentation as soon as it is created.

Terabyte Volume Engine® Technology: engineered to rapidly defragment volumes with hundreds of thousands of files.

Diskeeper Administrator Management Console: makes centralized deployment and management of Diskeeper 16 easy even on the largest networks with hundreds or thousands of physical servers or PCs.

MediWrite™ Technology Engine: resolves extreme file fragmentation issues that can cause the File Attribute List (FAL) to reach its maximum size limit and risk downtime in environments like MS Exchange or some EHR applications like MEDITECH.



  • Keep physical servers and Windows PCs running faster than new
  • Delivers accelerated I/O performance for Windows systems
  • Improves business productivity by ensuring applications run at peak performance
  • Caches hot reads from idle, available DRAM
  • Proactively eliminates performance-robbing fragmentation
  • Easily deploys across the network with a central management console


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