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MAXON Cinema 4d 3D modelling, painting, animation and rendering solutions is being used extensively to help create everything from stunning visual effects in top feature films, TV shows and commercials, cutting-edge game cinematics for AAA games, as well as for medical illustration, architectural and industrial design applications.

Cinema 4d is renowned for ease-of-use, stability and professional, high-quality results, and is relied on by hundreds of thousands of 3D artists around the world. Cinema 4D’s powerful, varied toolset ensures that you can tackle any task imaginable. Whether you’re into motion graphics, architectural or product visualisation, illustration, visual effects, games, or anything else, you’ll find that you can always rely on Cinema 4D to get the job done.



Polygonal Modeling: complete polygonal modeling toolset, it’s easy to craft everything from cars to creatures

Parametric Modeling: wide range of parametric modeling options that make it possible for artists to make even last-minute change

Sculpting: turn your models into digital clay, model organic surfaces and easily increase the level of detail on any object with the fully-integrated Sculpt system in Cinema 4D Studio and BodyPaint 3D

Texturing: fast and flexible material system, with procedural shaders to quickly define the surface of your 3D models

3D Painting: the Artist’s Touch, procedural materials to achieve highly-detailed, pixel-perfect textures painted directly on your 3D model

Character Animation: wide range of easy-to-use, reliable character animation tools and features that help create life-like characters and make character animation that much easier

MoGraph: with the Cinema 4D MoGraph toolset, motion graphics artists can sink their teeth into a palette of powerful tools that make it easy to create everything from flying logos to abstract effects

Simulation: wide range of functions and presets to create breathtaking physical simulations and realistic-looking effects

Rendering: wide range of render options deliver fast and beautiful results thanks to their linear workflow, support for colour profiles, multiple processors, HyperThreading and Multi-Core technology

Lighting: wide variety of light and shadow types that can brighten up even the most challenging situations




  • Latest generation of industry-standard creative software for design, modelling, and video creating
  • Despite being designed for advanced 3D, still user friendly and intuitive
  • Quickly and easily create jaw-dropping graphics
  • Fast and easily generate advance 3D effects


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