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Azure Everywhere


Microsoft Azure works with your existing IT infrastructure to give you the best of both on-premise and cloud technologies, creating more options, reducing complexity and saving on costs. If you need a solution that can extend or enhance your storage, networking, database, computing, mobile, website and analytics requirements – look no further than Microsoft Azure and its growing collection of integrated cloud services.


As a Microsoft Education Licensing Solutions Partner (EdLSP) with Gold Cloud Platform competency in Azure, we help our customers on their transition. Whether you’re thinking of integrating a small or large part of your IT infrastructure to the cloud, we can help every step of the way.



Microsoft’s cloud platform that provides on-demand infrastructure, tools and services that scale and adapt to your changing IT requirements.


Key Benefits

  • Create and deploy 1 to 1,000s of Windows or Linux Virtual Machines in minutes
  • Run your Virtual Machines and applications in the cloud
  • Host your website in the cloud with built-in auto scale and load balancing
  • Manage cloud-based backups through Windows Server and more
  • Simple replication and disaster recovery of important applications
  • Ease growing data concerns with a hybrid cloud storage solution
  • Create a private network in the cloud, connect on premise by a secure VPN
  • Use the Azure platform to build, test and deploy mobile apps, across platforms and devices
  • And much more


Key Overviews


What Azure Can Do

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What Pugh Can Do For You

We will discuss your user needs, help you estimate your Azure consumption, advise you on licensing and setup your agreement. With a Microsoft Azure Specialist we can also provide additional consultancy, development, implementation, migration, training and support services.


  • Azure StorSimple Offer
    Make an upfront financial commitment of Azure services and we will provide you with a StorSimple 8000 series hybrid storage device for FREE. Limited-time offer. Terms and conditions apply. Call the solutions support number below for further details.


How can we help you today?

With over three decades’ experience, find out how working with us and our solutions partners can help you find and implement the right solution with the right support at the right price to meet your Microsoft needs:

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