Adobe: Creating digital content with Chromebook apps


This is a free course run by educators for educators.

This three week course is the starting point for any educator wishing to use Adobe tools to begin their creative design journey. The course will introduce educators to Adobe mobile apps and guide you through producing highly creative digital outcomes. We will introduce best practice workflows with  Adobe Spark, Adobe Photoshop Mix, Adobe Draw and Adobe Comp.


Course Overview

Do you want to be able to harness student creativity? Do you want to give your students something more than basic word processing skills and you don’t know where to start? Are you intrigued about what is possible with Adobe mobile apps?

Adobe Creative Cloud apps give students using Chromebooks, iPads and other mobile devices the tools they need to be more creative. Using the classroom environment to learn how to problem solve and develop creative skills by using technology is more important than ever for the future workforce. This course will allow you to start that process.

This short course is part of a series of Adobe Generation Professional Skill Builder courses designed to help educators to start using Adobe tools to become creators, not just consumers, of digital media. Throughout the series, you’ll learn new tools and techniques, explore best practices for teaching and learning, and unleash your creativity to help drive student outcomes. Drop in for one or engage in many, but we guarantee this series will help you and your students take your digital skills and creativity to the next level.


Learning Objectives

By participating in this course you will be able to:

  • Start to use Adobe Mobile Apps
  • Create and edit graphics and images
  • Build confidence in using Adobe Apps
  • Be more confident users of digital technologies
  • Prepare educators “To undertake future Adobe Generation Pro courses”.


What to Expect

This short course kicks off on Monday, June 5 and ends on Friday, July 7. You may work at your own pace through the asynchronous content on the Exchange at any time during the course. We provide a suggested pacing to keep you on track during this intensive time period.

For both weeks 1 and 2, you will be attending a live class session (or viewing a recording). During the third week, you’ll be creating a simple reflection on your learning.

For the first round of graduations all work must be submitted no later than 11pm BST on Friday, July 7, if you’d like to graduate and earn course credit.

The course will close on July 7 and will reopen shortly after and remain open for three months for those of you who wish to join later. You will still be able to graduate and earn the course credits if you have completed the course requirements and graduation will take place at regular intervals while the course remains open.

For more information about this course please download this pdf.