Adobe Unleashes Wave of Imaging Innovation

Last updated: 24th October 2018

Adobe Photoshop CC for the iPad, Project Aero, Project Gemini, Dimension CC 2.0 and a major update to Photoshop CC


Adobe have made one of their most exciting announcement yet as they expand Photoshop CC, real Photoshop CC, across devices to enable you to be creative anywhere. Adobe have shown a preview of Photoshop on the iPad, but will gradually add new operating systems and form factors when they are ready.

This means you will be able to open and edit a PSD on an iPad, using the same tools you are familiar with on the desktop, and achieve the exact same results from editing operations. Then seamlessly (if you want to) open that same PSD on your desktop and keep going, or complete all your work on the iPad. This is real Photoshop on the iPad, the same underlying code and algorithms you rely on every day, with a reimagined user experience to take advantage of the uniquenesses of the device.

The funny thing about this is, it’s an obvious evolution. But it’s only recently with the beefier power of devices (tablets and phones) that Adobe were able to turn this into a real experiment inside Adobe. Can Adobe actually reproduce real Photoshop on an iPad or phone? And once that experiment produced such surprisingly positive results (the performance kind of blew our minds), Adobe were able to turn it into a formal project. Firstly, Adobe have previewed it to the world — and soon will deliver the first version to you.


Here’s what Adobe have announced for the Photoshop portfolio at Adobe:

  • Photoshop CC on the desktop is the center of the system, and offers unlimited creativity for image compositing, photo editing, designing websites and mobile apps, digital painting, and 3D and AR workflows. This is the same familiar Photoshop you’ve used for years, updated with new features. In addition, Adobe previewed that it will sync PSDs and other content across an ecosystem of new creative applications. Big feature update shipping today. Ecosystem connection will ship in the future.
  • Photoshop CC on the iPad is the newest piece of the system, bringing real Photoshop to mobile devices with an approachable user experience and the power and precision needed for image compositing. People can use the mobile version of Photoshop on its own or as a partner to Photoshop on the desktop. Preview today. Ships in the future.
  • Cloud documents is another new piece that makes PSD files accessible across the system. You can open and edit a PSD on an iPad, open and edit the same PSD on the desktop — whatever order suits your creative needs. Photoshop brushes will also be synced with Project Gemini. Preview today. Ships in the future.
  • Other focused applications like Dimension CC, Project Aero, and Project Gemini each deliver huge and unique benefits themselves, and extend the value of the Photoshop system for you.

Dimension gives designers accessible 3D workflows. A big update (2.0) is shipping now.

Aero gives designers the ability to create AR experiences. Preview now. Ships in the future.

Gemini is a focused drawing and painting app for devices like the iPad. Preview now. Ships in the future.


Photoshop in its mobile form, Project Gemini, the cloud document system that connects them all together, and Project Aero were previewed at Adobe MAX and will ship soon.

Photoshop CC for the desktop and Dimension CC 2.0 are each shipping big updates at MAX 2018.

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